I am a qualified reward based dog trainer offering highly recommended classes in Bramfield (near Hertford), Harlow, Hunsdon (near Ware) and Watton-at-Stone. I also offer extremely popular in-home training across West Essex and East Hertfordshire.

Hoopers Agility at Harlow

So what is Hoopers Agility?  A low impact agility based sport where your dog runs through arches, around barrels and through short tunnels, it is a fun sport where distance handling is focussed on.  A great pre-agility sport, a great sport without landing impact or a sport for retired agility dogs.

Happiest Hounds Dog Training Hoopers Agility classes in Harlow are held on Sunday afternoons in a fully enclosed, very large outdoor paddock.  The paddock we run Hoopers courses in has fantastic drainage so does not get too muddy with the rain.  Harlow classes are held at Pets’ Corner, Harlow Town Park, Harlow, Essex.

The classes are very small (just 6 dogs maximum) and are held in 6 week blocks.  Classes are affordable (just £60 for a 6 week block), reward based and fun.  There are video based tips to support the training too.  Book your next course early as demand for these classes is high!

Hoopers Agility classes are available for experienced dogs and complete beginners.  Come and learn this great low impact agility sport that’s sweeping the nation.  Louise has a decade of agility training experience and 5 years of agility instructing experience (including 2 years of instructing Hoopers classes) which she brings to the classes.  Louise’s Hoopers classes are highly recommended.  To join the waiting list for the next intake of Hoopers Agility classes please email: office@happiesthounds.com

If you’d like to host me for a workshop, please do get in touch.  Whether it’s for your clients as beginners, seasoned agility pros or a group of instructors looking to add Hoopers to their classes, I have a tailored a workshop for you.  Enquire via: office@happiesthounds.com

Here’s what Tamsin Durston (experienced agility instructor at Trent Park Agility Club) had to say:

“Lou came to Trent Park Dog Agility Club to give a Hoopers workshop to our instructor team… friendly, supportive instruction tailored to individuals, a structured session plan that ran perfectly to time and covered a variety of exercises, dog’s welfare considered throughout and delivered with enthusiasm and kindness! Lou was warm, understanding and really knew her theory!! Couldn’t recommend highly enough… we all LOVED the session!”


Sunday Afternoons

Next Intake:

29th Sept 2019

2:30 pm (beginner)

*Short course of 4 weeks – £40*

Meet Lou Bater

Lou Bater, BSc (hons), APDT, UK (01275), ABTC Registered is an experienced reward based dog trainer and has enjoyed competing in an array of dog sports including Agility, Flyball and Canicross with her own dogs

“Louise from Happiest Hounds provides all the dog training you need with a friendly outgoing personality. She has worked wonders with ‘Bertie’ showing me what an intelligent dog he really is. The small classes are brilliant and you get lots of one to training. All for a good price too. I really recommend the classes”

— Sam and Bertie —